NOTE: We recommend the Download windows version.   The download version has complete sound experience.  The web version isn't completely devoid of music, but whole ambient tracks don't play.

Goodnight Grandma's House is a small story and walking sim.  You play as Rohen, a busy music masters student, who is unexpectedly headed to his Grandma's place to finish clearing it out for sale. As he grumbles about the busy life interruption, he just can't escape the flood of memories associated with the place.


[ WASD ] - move around 
[ space  or left click] - continue through dialogue/text
There is no exit button, so you have to end the program manually.

--Bug Notes--

- The audio slider in the menu does nothing. Feel free to move it around though, as it is quite amusing.
- Pressing [escape] will open up an in-game menu which is not functional.  Pressing [escape] again will exit out of it. 

--Bug Facts--

- Dragonflies have been on earth for 300 million years!


Characters, story content, art, and music assets are original and are (c) Box of Mushrooms.  Fish handled the art, Jasintheletter, Paul, and Danguino handled the music and audio, ManlyManton handled the coding backbone. 

Fireplace and Wind sounds were from Edinburgh Records
Fridge buzz was from Fesliyan Studios


Game Engine: Unity
Visuals: Medibang (digital art), Graphics Gale (pixels), Tiled (level layout), SuperTiledToUnity (tiled file implementation)
Sound:  Audacity, Garage band, FMOD (sound middleware)
Writing: Inkle


This was a short narrative experience made as a part of Narrative Driven Game Jam 6.  The theme was Magical Realism, with optional themes Pizza Lover, Memories, and Lying in a Bed of Stars.  We were focused using this jam to work out narrative design infrastructure and FMOD implementation, and of course ended up running short on time- but also learning even more than we had hoped! Also the Narrative Driven Jam community is wonderful.  

This game jam game is brought to you from the lil game dev studio Box of Mushrooms.        Box of Mushrooms on twitter:  Box of Mushrooms Discord:

You can follow our narrative game in early development "Gazelle in a Winter Coat"  Gazelle in a Winter Coat official website:



Download 36 MB


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Strong visual style, some nice writing and lovely background music :) Really liked this lil story!


Thanks so much for playing it! Tis an honor from the maker of Cryptid Farm!
Big thanks!

Box of Mushrooms